Repair Services

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle is proud to offer Reel Repair

We maintain a large inventory of parts for most all makes of reels. Feel free to contact us for all your parts needs. Also, maintaining such an inventory allows us to turn most repairs around in a week.

We take great pride in our work, for example. On a reel clean and grease, we completely disassemble and parts wash each piece. As we reassemble your reel we apply grease only where required with an acid brush so as to ensure smooth reliable service. The finished job gives you a reel which is lubed better than when it was new. 

Reel repair rates are as follows:

  • Clean and Grease: $27.00**
  • Clean and Grease Salt Water Spin $32.00**
  • Clean And Grease Salt Water Conventional $32.00** (two-speed $37 and up)
  • For additional repair options and pricing please call us at 1-800-814-7433

Note: We do not work on Bass Pro Shops Or Cabela's Reels. No parts are available for them.

** Reel repair rates are affected by a number of variables. For example, excessive salt damage will add an additional fee to your repair. We will consult you as to the fee for your repair if necessary.

Guide Services


Fish the Susquehanna River with Smallmouth experts Mike Acord, George Acord and Dave Shindler from the Conowingo Dam to North of Harrisburg, PA, as well as a number of area lakes.

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Pete is accepting bookings for a limited number of dates on these terrific bodies of water; The Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River, The Potomac River, Lake Champlain, 1000 Islands, Kerr Reservoir, and Clarks Hill Reservoir.

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