Z-Man TRD HogZ

Z-Man TRD HogZ

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  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Black Blue

    Black Blue

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - California Craw

    California Craw

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Canada Craw

    Canada Craw

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - The Deal

    The Deal

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Dirt


  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Drew's Craw

    Drew's Craw

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Green Pumpkin

    Green Pumpkin

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - Molting Craw

    Molting Craw

  • Z-Man TRD HogZ - PB & J

    PB & J

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Z-Man TRD HogZ are finesse baits that mimic a variety of invertebrates that bass feed on. This bait was specially designed for the NED rig and pairs perfectly with Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ and NedlockZ jigheads! TRD HogZ are 3 inches long and feature a ribbed body along with legs and twin tails that create life-like movement to draw in bass. To add to its realistic presentation, this bait's ElaZtech body stands up off the bottom while at rest. This is a perfect go-to bait for NED Rig anglers when the bite is tough and they need more of an edge!

6 baits per pack.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Black BLue 10+
California Craw 10+
Canada Craw 10+
The Deal backorder
Dirt 10+
Drew's Craw 10+
Green Pumpkin 10+
Molting Craw 4
Mudbug 10+
PB & J 5+