Zoom Z Craw Jr.

Zoom Z Craw Jr.

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  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Black Flash

    Black Flash

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Black Light

    Black Light

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Black Sapphire

    Black Sapphire

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - California 420

    California 420

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Green Pumpkin

    Green Pumpkin

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Green Pumpkin Flash

    Green Pumpkin Flash

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Junebug


  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Rootbeer Pepper Green

    Rootbeer Pepper Green

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Sapphire Blue

    Sapphire Blue

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Watermelon Red

    Watermelon Red

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - Watermelon Seed

    Watermelon Seed

  • Zoom Z Craw Jr. - White Pearl

    White Pearl

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The Zoom Z Craw Jr. is effective on the back of swim jigs and vibrating jigs, as well as structure-hugging wobble heads. This smaller version will handle all of those same applications as the larger Z Craw and will quickly turn into your favorite lure for tempting finicky bedding bass as well. It’s smaller than its predecessor, and while it has finesse applications, you’ll be surprised at how many big bass it fools.

The Z Craw Jr. is 3.5 inches long with a body that features forward-facing ribs and fluttering claws. It is also salt-impregnated to make sure bass hold on.

8 baits per pack

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Black Flash 10+
Black Light 5+
Black Sapphire 10+
California 420 10+
Green Pumpkin 10+
Green Pumpkin Flash 5+
Junebug 4
Rootbeer Pepper Green 5+
Sapphire Blue 4
Watermelon Red 10+
Watermelon Seed 5+
White Pearl 5