Stanley Bull Ribbit 5"

Stanley Bull Ribbit 5

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  • Stanley Bull Ribbit 5

    Melon Red Pearl

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The Stanley Bull Ribbit, big brother to the Ribbit, is 5" in length providing a much larger profile for the big ones!  Watch the Stanley Bull Ribbit scoot, sputter and splash across the surface.  Rigged weedless it can be worked in extremely heavy cover.  Bull Ribbit, a soft plastic frog with uniquely designed "feet," creates realistic "kicking" action that looks, feels, and sounds like a live frog jumping across the water. Stanley Bull Ribbit cuts across the thickest grass where the biggest bass hunt.  

Reel it, feel it and watch fish strike it! No other lure on the market combines the heart-throbbing excitement of topwater baits with the fish-finding abilities of buzzbaits and the weedless advantages of Texas-rigged soft plastics… until now. Get ready for the Bull Ribbit.
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White 5+
Green Pumkin Red Pearl 10+
Louisiana Craw 10+
Melon Red Pearl 10+
Black 10+