Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr.

Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr.

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  • Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr. - Shad w/ Copper Blades

    Shad W/ Copper Blades

  • Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr. - Shad w/ Gold Blades

    Shad W/ Gold Blades

  • Picasso School-E-Rig Bait Ball Jr. - Shad w/ Nickel Blades

    Shad W/ Nickel Blades

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The Picasso Bait Ball Jr is constructed with heavy gauge 4" low visibility super strong brown wire for a stealthy presentation that allows the fish to focus on the baits being presented instead of the distraction of flashy wires. The light weight high-impact resistant plastic head and heavy duty 75lb strength imbedded nose swivel prevents line twist and prevents the fish from leveraging itself off when hooked. Assembled with four #3 willow blades in choice of 24k Gold,Nickel, Copper or Painted blades adds flash and vibration that attract feeding fish while still allowing the rig to stay down in the strike zone without lift.

Heavy duty terminal snap swivels of 75 pounds strength keeps your swimbaits secure and assure landing the doubles and even triples that this rig commonly catches. New sliding sleeve feature allows for easy change out of damaged snap swivels. This is a very versatile size that is ideal for targeting suspended fish or throwing around docks, blow downs and other structure.

Hand crafted in the USA using only American-made premium components.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Shad W/ Copper Blades 3
Shad W/ Gold Blades 5+
Shad W/ Nickel Blades 5