Megabass Ito Shiner

Megabass Ito Shiner

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From the personal tackle box of Yuki Ito comes the MEGABASS ITO-SHINER, the handmade jerk bait that inspired the world-renowned ONETEN lure. A long-kept secret, the ITO-SHINER has been quietly powering tournament victories of top Japanese pros, and is now available to the general public in limited quantities.

Megabass of America has commenced a limited production run of Yuki Ito’s ITO-SHINER at the Megabass Factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. While the numbers produced will be small, we have nevertheless succeeded in reincarnating this amazing lure for use in the modern era.

The ITO-SHINER displays a sharper high-pitch and roll-action compared to the VISION-ONETEN, and with jerks of the rod, darts up to 30% farther and harder than the ONETEN. The flashing produced by the flat-side shiner body is intense, and the Triple Tungsten Weight Oscillate System (PAT.) allows bombing casts.

The superb quality of this high spec’d model is the result of Megabass designer Yuki Ito’s demanding approach to fishing. You can see the incredible performance of this premium Japanese lure at its best when it’s being pushed to the limits in tough tournaments.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
GG IL Tennessee Shad 4
GG Perch 4
GLX Galaxy Shiner 4
GP Pro Blue 3
ITO Natural 4
M Ozark Shad 4