Megabass I-Slide 135

Megabass I-Slide 135

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The Megabass I-Slide 135 is the smaller version of the 185. The built-in MAGHOLD system (PAT.P) generates a magnetic field behind each hook hanger, cradling the needle-sharp treble hooks alongside the I-Slide's body. This not only eliminates the unnatural profile of dangling hooks for an especially deadly clear water presentation, bul aligns the hook ponts for an ideal hook set. The I-Slide is designed to perform a perfect "360 turn" with a twitch of the rod to trigger bites from curious followers. Holding the hooks in place also streamlines I-Slide's motion, allowing for smooth, consistent "s" swimming action during steady retrieve and reduces slack-line tangles when executing sharp turns and 360-degree action. Launch the I-Slide into the morning mist, and this next-generation "S-Motion" big-bait will deliver the key advancements to land that sought-after monster.

The Megabass I-Slide 135 is 5 1/4" long and weighs 1 oz.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Chart Back Bass 2
GG Bass 4
GLX Blue Shiner 3
GLX Sunshine Gill 2
Mat Rainbow 2