Megabass Funky Flipper

Megabass Funky Flipper

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The Megabass Funky Flipper is a sub-surface wakebait / crankbait designed for outsized, high-impact action across all retrieve speeds. Keep the rod tip high and dial back your retrieve, and the Funky Flipper will wake with a wide, twisting body action that draws aggressive strikes. Drop the rod tip and/or speed up your retrieve, and Funky Flipper will dive up to about 6 inches, staying in that optimal subsurface range to target large flats and submerged weed beds quickly and effectively. Large #2 front hook is secured with a heavy-duty recessed eye that prevents hooks from fouling, and encourages improved hooking ratio. Funky style built for all retrieve speeds brings Funky Flipper to a new height of sub-surface cranking and waking action.

  • Horizontally aligned Neon Core plate creates one-of-a-kind flicker effect that appeals to targets even in deeper waters
  • Designed to perform at speeds from slow to ultra-fast
  • Eliminating the use of a split ring for the front hook allows for larger #2 treble for improved hook up ratio
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