Kahara KJ Crankbait

Kahara KJ Crankbait

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  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - Blue Back Chartreuse

    Blue Back Chartreuse

  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - Bluegill


  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - Chartreuse Back White

    Chartreuse Back White

  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - Firetiger


  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - KJ Shad

    KJ Shad

  • Kahara KJ Crankbait  - Red Hot Tiger

    Red Hot Tiger

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The Kahara KJ Crankbait is a new concept designed to maximize crankbait efficiency around heavy cover and to be almost 100% snagless. It differs from standard crankbaits, with its unique hollow body and extra strong double frog hook, to fish in the tightest of cover where fish are most likely to sit and ambush. Equipped with two stainless steel connectors to add treble hooks to fish like a standard crankbait, blades, feathers or a feathered treble, the KJ Crank Bait is perfectly balanced and equipped with an off center belly weight and circuit board lip to acquire the desired square bill erratic action.

Length: 62mm (2.5 in)
Weight: 10.5g (3/8 oz)

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Blue Back Chartreuse 4
Bluegill backorder
Chartreuse Back White 3
Firetiger 2
KJ Shad backorder
Red Hot Tiger 4