Jackall I Prop

Jackall I Prop

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  • Jackall I Prop - Bluegill


  • Jackall I Prop - Chartreuse Back Gltter

    Chartreuse Back Gltter

  • Jackall I Prop - Ghost Minnow

    Ghost Minnow

  • Jackall I Prop - Oikawa


  • Jackall I Prop - Threadfin Shad

    Threadfin Shad

  • Jackall I Prop - Secret Shad

    Secret Shad

  • Jackall I Prop - Wakasagi


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The Jackall I Prop is the perfect lure to use with the spybaiting technique. Cast it out as far as you can, let it sink, then slowly retrieve it. The prop blades create a disturbance that quickly draws bass. The reflective surface of the bait along with its bright blades help bass to see it from long distances. The I Prop is so effective that it often draws strikes while sinking before you even begin your retrieve!

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Bluegill 1
Chartreuse Back Glitter 1
Ghost Minnow 5+
Oikawa 3
Secret Shad 4
Threadfin Shad 3
Wakasagi 4