Jackall Archelon

Jackall Archelon

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  • Jackall Archelon - Black Blue Silver Flake

    Black Blue Silver Flake

  • Jackall Archelon - Black Red Flake

    Black Red Flake

  • Jackall Archelon - Bloody Plum

    Bloody Plum

  • Jackall Archelon - Green Pumpkin Candy

    Green Pumpkin Candy

  • Jackall Archelon - Green Pumpkin Pepper

    Green Pumpkin Pepper

  • Jackall Archelon - JL Craw

    JL Craw

  • Jackall Archelon - School bluegill

    School Bluegill

  • Jackall Archelon - Watermelon Pepper

    Watermelon Pepper

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The Jackall Archelon was specifically designed to target bass in heavy cover. The slim body design allows Archelon to easily slip into and out of heavy cover. The plastic material is firm enough to ensure durability but soft enough for the hook to penetrate when the bass strikes. A rattle can be inserted into the body to help draw in fish.

5 per pack.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Black Blue Silver Flake 4
Black Red Flake 5+
Bloody Plum 2
Green Pumpkin Candy 3
Green Pumpkin Pepper 4
JL Craw 2
School Bluegill 3
Watermelon Pepper 3