Gambler Big EZ

Gambler Big EZ

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  • Gambler Big EZ - Black Blue Green Pumpkin Laminate

    Black Blue Green Pumpkin Laminate

  • Gambler Big EZ - Copperfield


  • Gambler Big EZ - Florida Five-O

    Florida Five-O

  • Gambler Big EZ - Ghost Shad

    Ghost Shad

  • Gambler Big EZ - June Bug

    June Bug

  • Gambler Big EZ - New Shad

    New Shad

  • Gambler Big EZ - Ripe Melon

    Ripe Melon

  • Gambler Big EZ - Shadow Silver Glitter

    Shadow Silver Glitter

  • Gambler Big EZ - White Lightning

    White Lightning

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The Big EZ is swimbait is a tantalizing treat for any fish.  Measuring a full 5" long it has an excellent profile in the water. The segmented tail provides plenty of swimming action. The Big EZ makes it easy to catch big fish. Rig it on a belly weighted hook or with a screw in weight and just add water. The erratic swimming action will do the rest.

5 per pack

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Black Blue Green Pumpkin Laminate 5+
Copperfield 5
Florida Five-O 5+
Ghost Shad 5+
June Bug 5+
New Shad 5+
Ripe Melon 5+
Shadow Silver Glitter 5+
White Lightning 5+