Deps BuzzJet Jr.

Deps BuzzJet Jr.

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  • Deps BuzzJet Jr. - Blue Gill (01)

    Blue Gill (01)

  • Deps BuzzJet Jr. - Lime Ghost (12)

    Lime Ghost (12)

  • Deps BuzzJet Jr. - Mossback Shiner (08)

    Mossback Shiner (08)

  • Deps BuzzJet Jr. - Olive Shad (15)

    Olive Shad (15)

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The Deps BuzzJet Jr. has the ability to attract fish from far distances.  You'll find greater amounts of water pushing outward creating a more distinct surface wake.  There are four stainless balls strategically placed in a chamber which can roll both front to back and left to right.  This provides for greater casting ability, unique sounds, and also an irregular side to side action on retreive.  All this along with a prop to create more water splash.  The BuzzJet Jr. is 3 inches in length and weighs 1/2 oz.  It's ability to catch fish was soon realized by the Japanese anglers and in 2004 was voted Japan's number 1 hard plug by Japan's Lure Magazine readers.  This bait runs just below the surface of the water.

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Mossback Shiner (08) backorder
Olive Shad (15) backorder
Blue Gill (01) backorder
Lime Ghost (12) 2