Z-Man TRD Crawz

Z-Man TRD Crawz

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  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Black Blue Flake

    Black Blue Flake

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Bloodworm


  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - California Craw

    California Craw

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Canada Craw

    Canada Craw

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - The Deal

    The Deal

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Drew's Craw

    Drew's Craw

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Greasy Prawn

    Greasy Prawn

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Green Pumpkin

    Green Pumpkin

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Molting Craw

    Molting Craw

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Motor Oil

    Motor Oil

  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Mudbug


  • Z-Man TRD Crawz - Watermelon Red

    Watermelon Red

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Z-Man TRD Crawz bring a whole new look and action to your Ned rig and other finesse applications! It has a gliding action on the fall thanks to a flat belly and a curled-under tail design. The large, buoyant claws loat when the bait is paused, perfectly replicating the defensive position of a real crawfish. This is perfect for a variety of techniques including split shots, shakey heads, and drop shotting. It is the perfect size for enticing bites from bass and comes in a wide variety of effective colors. This is a bait that you will always want to have available in your tackle box!

Z-Man TRD Crawz match up perfectly with Z-Man Finesse Shroomz and Z-Man Nedlockz!

Z-Man TRD Crawz are 2.5" long and come in packs of 6

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Black Blue Flake backorder
Bloodworm 10+
California Craw backorder
Canada Craw backorder
The Deal backorder
Drew's Craw 10+
Greasy Prawn 10+
Green Pumpkin 10+
Molting Craw 10+
Motor Oil 10+
Mudbug 10+
Watermelon Red 10+