Sebile D&S Crankbait

Sebile D&S Crankbait

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  • Sebile D&S Crankbait - holo greenie (d9)

    Holo Greenie (d9)

  • Sebile D&S Crankbait - matte brown craw red (cd2)

    Matte Brown Craw Red (cd2)

  • Sebile D&S Crankbait - natural golden shiner (og)

    Natural Golden Shiner (og)

  • Sebile D&S Crankbait - natural shiner (o)

    Natural Shiner (o)

  • Sebile D&S Crankbait - firetiger gold (ftg)

    Firetiger Gold (ftg)

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The Sebile D&S Crank may be the most innovative crankbait to ever hit the market.  This unique design utilizes a hook which pivots on an internal pin making it completely snagless.  Here is how it works:  When retrieved the hook point aligns with the flattened tail of the lure,  but when a fish strikes the hook positions itself upward where the point is exposed for penetration.  The pivoting hook will keep the fish from throwing the lure so you can safely land him.  The front of the bait is designed for maximize buoyancy which increases the depth of the bait, diving 17' plus.  The tail holds high pitch rattles to create maximum clatter where you need it.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Natural Shiner (o) 2
Ft Gold (ftg) 10+
Natural Golden Shiner (og) 5
Holo Greenie (d9) backorder
Matte Brown Red Craw (cd2) 5+