Rapala X-Rap Pop

Rapala X-Rap Pop

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    Chartreuse Ghost

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    Mossback Shiner

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    Yellow Perch

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The Rapala X-Rap Pop packs a big poppin', big splashin', big bassin' action that brings attitude to topwater fishing.  Sitting in a tail down position, its arched body lets a large kerplunk/pop with every snap of your rod.  Even the slightest twitch brings this topater to action.  Finished with a textured and translucent body along with internal holographic foil and 3D holographic eyes.  It casts far and the internal rattle makes noise and commotion.  Complete with VMC black nickel hooks and a flash feather teaser tail.  Other features include:

  • deep cupped lip
  • loud pop and splash
  • internal textured scales and gills
  • x-style finish

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Pearl Grey Shiner backorder
Chartreuse Ghost backorder
Silver 2
Clown 4
Yellow Perch 2
Moss Back Shiner backorder