Z Man Finesse ShadZ

Z Man Finesse ShadZ

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  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Blue Steel

    Blue Steel

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Green Pumpkin

    Green Pumpkin

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Green Pumpkin Blue Flake

    Green Pumpkin Blue Flake

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Meat Dog

    Meat Dog

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Morning Wood

    Morning Wood

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Pumpkin Green Flake

    Pumpkin Green Flake

  • Z Man Finesse ShadZ - Watermelon Red

    Watermelon Red

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The slim, shad-shaped body, thin tail, and superior action of the 4" Z Man Finesse ShadZ make them ideal for drop-shotting, small jighead rigs, and other finesse applications. Tested on largemouth, spotted bass, smallmouth, and walleye nationwide, they're a proven performer when the bite gets tough.


  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction, so does not rip or tear easily when nose-hooked and withstands repeated strikes
  • Slim body and thin tail quivers at the slightest movement due to incredibly soft material
  • Buoyancy of material causes tail to float up at rest, resulting in a very natural and unique presentation
  • Try it on a drop shot rig for bass or fished vertically on a jighead for walleye
  • Absolutely deadly finesse offering when small shad or fry are present
  • Hook-slot allows for weedless rigging and rock-solid hooksets
  • 4" overall length
  • 8 baits included per pack
  • Made in the USA
Product Option Availability Price Qty
Blue Steel 2
Green Pumpkin 5
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake 3
Meat Dog 5
Morningwood 5+
Pumpkin Green Flake 5
Watermelon Red 4