Molix Lover Buzz

Molix Lover Buzz

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    Killer Ayu

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The Molix Lover Buzz is the second project sprung from the collaboration between Mike Iaconelli and Molix.

Its in-line compact profile comes from the need of a wider range and accuracy of the bait presentation, even in very windy conditions. The way the body has been shaped guarantees an ongoing flow among rod, line and lure and allows for a better control of the lure enhancing the opportunities either in open waters or in heavy cover or structures.

The skirts features “Fine Cut” vinyl, a special blend featuring a more realistic and natural action.

The Lover Buzz is rigged with a High Performance OMTD hook with a stainless steel stopper able to improve the stability of the trailer.


Weight: 14 gr. - 1/2 oz.

Rod suggested: Medium to Regular action 6’ to 7.0” length

Line suggested: 10 to 20 lbs Nylon or Fluorocarbon

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