MegaBass Vision 95

MegaBass Vision 95

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  • MegaBass Vision 95 - AL Kisyuayu

    AL Kisyuayu

  • MegaBass Vision 95 - HT Ayu

    HT Ayu

  • MegaBass Vision 95 - M Megabass Kinkuro

    M Megabass Kinkuro

  • MegaBass Vision 95 - NC Pro Blue II

    NC Pro Blue II

  • MegaBass Vision 95 - Wagin Ayu

    Wagin Ayu

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The Megabass Vision 95 minnow is great for shallow water and is no ordinary minnow. The swimming action is controlled by a balancer called the shaft-balancer system. Instead of a moving balancer, a shaft shaped balancer is fixed at the lowest point of the body. The result is an astonishing new action. Since the shaft weight acts as a reverse pendulum, the whole body swings with the shaft as a fulcrum. And unlike a moving balancer, the shaft balancer does not require guiding structures so it frees up the space inside the bait. This allows a very high buoyancy and very responsive actions. Because of this, you can rip it as fast as you like or swim it as slow as you like and it will not give up swimming.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
AL Kisyuayu 3
HT Ayu 2
M Megabass Kinkuro 5+
Nc Pro Blue II backorder
Wagin Ayu backorder