Megabass Vision 110 +1

Megabass Vision 110 +1

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The Megabass Vision ONETEN +1 is designed to get down an additional 3 feet compared to the original Vision 110.  On those days where the fish just won't come up to get it, you can now take the 110 down to them.  The bill is designed to eliminate water resistance  so you won't wear yourself out, but it maintains the legendary darting action of the original 110.  The line tie is close to the body and water easily channels along the bait which is something that you won't find with a typical long billed jerkbait.  The Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAC), complete with dual tungsten weights,  allows you to easily cast this bait even in tough conditions.  Take the +1 and see how the legend just got deeper.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Pro Blue II 5+
See Through Glitter Ayu backorder
USA Sexy French Pearl 2
Gp Pro Perch backorder
Ito Wakasagi 5
Ht Ito Tennessee Shad 5