Megabass DX-Free 2.0

Megabass DX-Free 2.0

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  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - Blue Back Mat Chartreuse

    Blue Back Mat Chartreuse

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - Mat Tiger

    Mat Tiger

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - PM Gill

    PM Gill

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - PM Setsuki Ayu

    PM Setsuki Ayu

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - Skeleton Chartreuse

    Skeleton Chartreuse

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - Strike Chartreuse

    Strike Chartreuse

  • Megabass DX-Free 2.0 - Viper Tiger

    Viper Tiger

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The DEEP-X crankbait series continues to prove its high performance capabilities in diverse fields around the world, calling up key bites with its tight wobble and unique deflection.

Among this series, DEEP-X 300 has been the choice of many big fish hunters at Lake Biwa and other mountain reservoirs. Drawing from this pedigree, the DX-FREE 2.0 shares a similar body to the DEEP-X 300, but with newly designed bill and line eye positions to offer a new swimming depth. The DX-FREE 2.0 dives to 6 feet.

Featuring the same tungsten balancer system of the DEEP-X 300 for advanced castability and variable action, DX-FREE 2.0 exhibits high pitch wobbling action until it reaches its designated depth, at which point it changes to a rolling action to send wide flash throughout its target zone.

With the advent of the DX-FREE, the Megabass engineering team brings potent weapons to bear in the stratgegic cranking game.

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Blue Back Mat Chartreuse 3
Mat Tiger 2
PM Gill backorder
PM Setsuki Ayu backorder
Skeleton Chartreuse 2
Strike Chartreuse 3
Viper Tiger backorder