SFTtackle.com Pro Staffer Joe Thompson

Joe has been a member of SFT pro staff for two years now, but has worked hand in hand with them for years. Joe is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper and previous owner of the Nauti Goose, the site of many bass fishing tournys. Fishing since he could walk, Joe spent countless hours fishing with his late father. Joe has to laugh when he remembers fishing down the bank and trying to stay just ahead of dad for that first cast.

Cutting his teeth in tournament bass fishing with a local club in Delaware County Pa. Joe won numerous angler of the year titles and then moved onto BFL competition. His two best years were when he finished 3rd place in points in the Northeast BFL Div. and won the Angler of the year title for the Wal Mart BFL trail the next year. He then moved on to the FLW Tour and in his first year cashed five checks in 10 events. While fishing and travelling the country during 2011, he had so much fun and loved all the different bodies of water he got to fish. If he had to choose a favorite though it would be Lake Champlain or Lake Hartwell.

Joe's favorite method of fishing is whatever is working at the time. He claims versatility is the most important thing for succesful angling. Joe showed this best when in ten FLW events, in 201,1 every event was an entirely different application. His best memories are of winning tournmants with either his father or daughter Brittany, who happens to be an awesome angler as well.  A low point in his career was missing the BFL All American by a very small margin, finishing 7th on the regional on potomac river.