Jackall Gantia

Jackall Gantia

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    Gizzard Shad

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The Jackall Gantia is a super realistic, 4 segment swimbait with an incredibly natural swimming action. It is also a suspending bait with an additional eyelet to add weight. The Gantia's twitch action causes the bait to turn like a frightened bait fish and the big body design delivers a life-like presence to trigger the bite.

The Gantia is 7 inches long and weighs in at 1 7/8 oz.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Gizzard Shad backorder
Hitch 1
RT Ghost Scale Minnow 1
RT Largemouth Bass 1
RT Sexy Pearl Ayu 1
RT Trout 1
Sprinkle Blue Natural 3
Scale Gill backorder