Jackall Bling 55

Jackall Bling 55

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  • Jackall Bling 55 - blueback chartreuse

    Blueback Chartreuse

  • Jackall Bling 55 - chartreuse shad

    Chartreuse Shad

  • Jackall Bling 55 - crawfish


  • Jackall Bling 55 - sg chrome shad

    Sg Chrome Shad

  • Jackall Bling 55 - sg threadfin shad

    Sg Threadfin Shad

  • Jackall Bling 55 - tennessee shad

    Tennessee Shad

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The Jackall Bling 55 is an all new flat sided crankbait with a "circuit board" type fiberglass bill.  Grab more water and see how this design will create a faster wobbling action.  No problems when it comes to casting because the weight transfer system allows the weight to roll to the end of the lure so you'll get maximum distance.  Once it lands the weight will roll back to the center of the lure and attache itself to a magnet giving you the proper balance during the retrieve.  Flat sided crankbaits are able to project more flash off of their sides so as a result you attract more fish.  The front hook eyelet is placed sideways to prevent hook tangles. Runs at depths up to 4 ft.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Sg Chrome Shad 3
Blueback Chartreuse 4
Sg Threadfin Shad 5+
Chartreuse Shad 3
Tennessee Shad 3
Crawfish backorder