Jackall Binksy 70

Jackall Binksy 70

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  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Chartreuse Strike Gill

    Chartreuse Strike Gill

  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Ghost Ayu

    Ghost Ayu

  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Ghost Minnow

    Ghost Minnow

  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Ghost Oikawa

    Ghost Oikawa

  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Gold oikawa

    Gold Oikawa

  • Jackall Binksy 70 - Green Bug

    Green Bug

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The Jackall Binksy uses a combination of features taken from different styles of topwater lures which allows anglers to get all the attraction of splash, flash and water displacement all in one lure. Jackall announced the release of the Binksy in the U.S. at ICAST 2014. Before that, this lure was only available in Japan. The Binksy has a shallow, cupped mouth like a popper bait, which creates a noticeable splash and chug as it is retrieved across the water surface. Jackall also used a spinning blade in the center of the bait's belly to immitate the flash of baitfish scales. Jackall utilized a prop blade at the rear of the bait which creates a gurgling sound reminiscent of the swirling of fleeing baitfish as they break the water's surface.
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Ghost Oikawa 2
Chartreuse Strike Gill 2
Gold Oikawa 3
Ghost Ayu 1
Green Bug 2
Ghost Minnow 2