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Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Sebile
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The Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft swims as good as the original Magic Swimmer plus it can be rigged weedless. Available in two sizes, the 130 which is a 5 inch bait and the 105 which is a 4 inch bait.  Intricate details and realistic swimming action bring the lure to life.  The body has an "envelope" area molded in with an opening at the belly that receives and conceals most of the hook inside the bait.  The hook only goes through a small section of plastic in the upper back portion for enhanced fish-hooking efficiency.  Rigging is easy with designated "hook holes" for entry at the nose and  exit in the back.  Comes complete with a 5/0 hook and Sebile's soft weight system (6 tungsten impregnated rubber weights) for easy addition and removal of weight.  The Magic Swimmer Soft can also be fished weightless as is casts easily with its own density.  It can be rigged a variety of ways with various hooks and jigheads so you can fish it many different ways in freshwater or saltwater.  Great for skipping under docks, mangroves or other overhanging obstacles.  It also can be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, or fished on a drop-shot rig.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Weightless
rigged weightless
Magic Swimmer Soft Front Weighted
front weighted
Magic Swimmer Soft Belly Weighted
belly and inside weighted
Magic Swimmer Soft Rigging Options
other rigging options

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blue back herring (sp21)
blue back herring (sp21)
electric rainbow (sp25)
electric rainbow (sp25)
ghostescent (sp22)
ghostescent (sp22)
holo greenie (sp23)
holo greenie (sp23)

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