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Keitech Super Round Head

Keitech Super Round Head Keitech

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The Keitech Super Round Head has a slender collar which will hold your bait very well without ripping it apart. It is more compact than a head made of lead, and also much harder than lead so that you can feel the bottom better. The specific bend gives a stronger hook meaning you will seldom miss your fish.

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5 Stars Guppy Hooks!!!
by Bryan Fuoco on Jan 23, 2012
  Apparently,the Bass in Japan have itsy bitsy,teenie,weenie mouths because all of the hooks that keitech puts on their products are WAY TOO SMALL for USA Largemouth Bass.The products themselves are beautiful and well made,but,they just dont get it with the hooksize.I have so many keitechs collecting dust due to fear of losing anymore big fish.I love their plastics and they DO get bit,but,i would avoid their jigs and jigheads unless you like to be heartbroken.I wish somebody would step-up and make a tungsten jig/head with a halfway decent sized hook.
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