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Ardent Reel Kleen Reel Cleaning Kit

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Price: $24.99

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The Ardent Reel Kleen® Reel Cleaning Kit contains everything required for easy, regular cleaning of any make or model fishing reel. All contained in a convenient, easy-to-store, durable plastic case. Kit contains the following:

  • Reel Kleen Degreaser - cuts old grease and dirt. dries clean. no residue
  • Reel Butter Oil - super smooth additive. 100% full synthetic
  • Reel Butter Grease - bonds to working parts. 100% full synthetic
  • Synthetic Swabs - gets grit out of tiny areas
  • Silicone Cloth - holds parts for cleaning. wipe down reel after
  • Gentle Bristle Brush - removes old grease and grit from gears and shaft
  • Screwdriver - phillips on one end and flathead on the other
  • Durable Plastic Case - fits in tackle box, boat, console or drawer

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