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Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Head

Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Head Bass Stalker

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The Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Head can be dragged  through wood, grass, and rocks. The Spot Stalker Jig is designed with the same Hydro-Dynamically Engineered Concave head that all of Bass Stalker Jigs feature. This custom design is what has made Bass Stalker Jigs the choice of Pro anglers everywhere. The SPOT Stalker is designed for use with soft plastic baits of any size. Finesse worms, tubes, craws, skirted grubs, creature baits and more. The keeper barb on the Spot Stalker is beautifully designed to hold your plastics in place. It is this engineering that makes the "Spot Stalker" the jig that fits the needs of the angler who is hunting big finicky bass where they live. "SPOT Stalker" will allow you to STALK those giants under docks and trees by skipping, or casting under, around and in the heaviest Bass lair.

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