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Mattlures has produced some of the most realistic soft plastic swimbaits on the market today.  We offer a versatile range of models including the Ultimate series.  Each lure is individually hand poured and painted to ensure quality, and accurately display the natural details found in each species. These versatile lures can be fished at various speeds without compromising the action of the lure. Fished as a swimbait, these lures have a life-like, fleeing action that will trigger the natural predatory instincts of big trophy bass. 

The Ultimate series are the most realistic baits ever made. They sit nose down,  but now they have pectoral fins that actually move with the bait. At rest they flair out and when that big female is inches away from it while its sitting in her bed, the fins will sway back and forth from her breathing on them. The ultimate series also has a tail that has a more natural appearance.

Prices start at $11.99

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ultimate green sunfish
ultimate green sunfish
ultimate male bluegill
ultimate male bluegill

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4 Stars Just The Tail
by Steve Morella from West chester pa on Apr 25, 2009
  This swimbait is by far one of my favorite, weather im bed fishing or just swimming it around wood it will catch you fish. Just one complaint the first fish i caught was over five pounds and my tail was bit off so i had to melt another tail on any swimbait tail will work just choose a color that coinsides with the color of the bait. All in All i give it a four def i must have.
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