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Duckett White Ice Crankbait Rods

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Duckett Rods

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The Duckett White Ice Crankin' Rods come from a group of pros that have specifically defined the requirements they need in these signature series rods.  Higher quality graphite than the Micro Magic predicessors means a stronger more sensitive blank that does not weigh you down.   


series model length action
 Timmy Horton - good for smaller crankbaits 70M-CC   7'
Timmy Horton - Timmy's rod for big crank baits  74M-CC  7' 4" 
Jason Quinn - his deep water crankin' stick  710MH-CC   7' 10" MH 
Byron Velvick - his lure launcher for the largest of cranks 711MH-CC 7' 11" MH

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