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Shimano Tranx Conventional Reel

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Price: $499.99

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The Shimano Tranx has the power to pull, along with the speed to burn.  This revolutionary designed reel combines the comfort of a low profile with the capacity of a conventional reel.  Check out these features:

  • X-ship - provides extra smooth retrieve with superior durability
  • HEG - get increased cranking efficiency a larger drive gear and and pinion gear
  • Pinion gear has a "superfree" bearing which eliminates friction with the spool shaft
  • Corrosion resistant spool protects from saltwater soaked braid line
  • Anti-Rust coating protected bearings
  • Super Stopper eliminates handle back play
  • VBS brake system provides ideal brake force at all times during the cast
  • Dartainium II drag washer system
  • Ergonomic power handle


model inches per crank power pro test/yds mono test/yds max drag   s a-rb bearings roller bearings  gear ratio  weight 
500HG  43  50/420,65/270,80/210  30/160,40/120,50/100  25  6.6:1   20

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