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Gamma Edge Flourocarbon Line

Gamma Edge Flourocarbon Line Gamma

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Gamma High Performance Edge Flourocarbon does not have the other fluorocarbon line's inherent drawbacks such as poor knotting qualities, low flexibility, and minimal shock resistance. GAMMA’s exclusive processing technology eliminates these drawbacks to create a line that is up to two times more flexible and shock resistant than other leading fluorocarbon lines. GAMMA High Performance Fluorocarbon Leader Material is made from an ultra high molecular weight, third generation Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) co-polymer that is extruded and drawn to GAMMA’s precise specifications. The super high tenacity filament is then subjected to an exclusive, proprietary process that alters the molecular structure of the material to increase its flexibility (suppleness) and Shock Resistance while retaining its high strength, abrasion resistance, and refractive qualities.

Gamma Flourocarbon Specifications
6 lb. 120 yd. .010 in.
8 lb. 120 yd. .011 in.
10 lb. 120 yd. .012 in.
12 lb. 120 yd. .013 in.
14 lb. 120 yd. .014 in.
16 lb. 120 yd. .015 in.
20 lb. 120 yd. .017 in.

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1 Stars Gamma line
by a member from Savertown, PA USA on Jan 2, 2009
  Did some research gamma is selling 6# test that matches triple fish and invizx segaur 10# test diameter no wonder it is so strong lol what a rip off for the price of gamma use Invizx great line for all situations at half the price. the people at susqehanna fishing tackle are great people to deal with, the people at gamma are Ripping you off! Super Line Yeah Right!
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5 Stars Do you want to fish with the best?
by George Acord from Co-Owner on Aug 28, 2008
  Over the years I've fished many of the different flouro's on the market. For the most part I was happy with them but there would be one characteristic that left me still searching for the perfect flouro. Well I’m not saying I found the perfect flouro but I have stopped looking. Gamma Edge gives me max strength and abrasion resistance with minimum memory. Another plus is the long life on the spool. I'm fishing for several MONTHS between changes in most cases! Beat that. If you’re looking to max out your confidence in your line put more fish in the boat with Gamma. Good Fishin', George
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