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St. Croix Mojo Glass Crankbait Rods

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St. Croix

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The St. Croix Mojo Glass Crankbait Rods are built with legendary St. Croix quality and priced at today's expected value so you just can't go wrong.  Two models, both built with premium glass  are available depending on the size crankbaits you are throwing.   The 74MM Crankster is best suited for small to medium sized crankbaits with exceptional efficiency.  The 78MHM Big Crankster has the extra length and power for use with larger, deep running crankbaits.  It also works great with big lipless crankbaits.

model technique length power action pcs line weight lure weight (oz) rod weight
 MBGC74MM crankster  7'4"   M  mod 8 - 14  1/4 - 3/4  4.9 oz 
MBGC78MHM  big crankster  7'8"  MH  mod   1 10-20  3/8 - 1  6.3 oz 

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