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Gamma Copolymer Line

Gamma Copolymer Line Gamma

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GAMMA high performance Copolymer line provides the maximum combination of strength, tenacity, castability, and sensitivity. The built-in suppleness and sensitivity characteristics allow for a more natural presentation for both bait and lures while the fighting capability allows more and bigger fish to be landed. Casting comparison tests confirm that GAMMA high performance line casts smoother and up to 50% further than other leading brands. Whether you fish the tournaments or just for recreation, your time on the water is too valuable to be compromised by your lines performance. Choose GAMMA’s competition grade high performance line and start catching more fish!
Gamma Specifications
lbs. spool size diameter
 6  330 yds.  .010 in.
 8  330 yds.  .011 in.
 10  300 yds.  .012 in.
 12  300 yds.  .013 in.
 14  300 yds.  .014 in.
 17  300 yds.  .015 in.
 20  275 yds.  .016 in.

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