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Quantum EXO PT Baitcaster

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Left Hand Models Now Available!  Quantum brings on the EXO PT Baitcasting reel and a brand new way of thinking when it comes to reel construction.  You want a reel that is light, but you don't want to sacrifice strength.  Quantum addresses that all important issue with the "metal where it matters" design.  The EXO comes from the exoskeletal hybrid construction which combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas, along with a light weight composite in non-critical locations.  That reduces the weight in the non-critical locations by 50%.  The end result is the lightest possible reel with absolutely no sacrafice in strength.  In fact it is 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than a graphite composite.


model ratio i.p.t retrieve capacity (yds/lbs) max drag (lbs) bearings weight(oz)
 EX100HPT 7.3:1  31"  right  145/12  15  10+1  5.9
EX100PPT  5.3:1  24"  right  145/12  19  10+1  5.9 
EX100SPT  6.6:1  28"  right  145/12  17  10+1  5.9 
EX101HPT 7.3:1 31" left 145/12 15 10+1 5.9
EX101SPT 6.6:1 28" left 145/12 17 10+1 5.9

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5 Stars Distance
by Mike Acord on Dec 17, 2012
  I had a chance to fish this reel on a Rage Rod the other day. I have to say it cast further than anything I ever threw. Now that is saying something since I been bragging for years that my personal spinnerbait combo was the best.
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