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G.Loomis GL2 Casting
Spinnerbait Rod

G.Loomis GL2 Casting<br />Spinnerbait Rod G.Loomis

Price: $200.00

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The G.Loomis GL2

Here is the GL2 Series Spinnerbait Rod built with unsurpassed quality and performance which you have come to expect from G.Loomis, along with other marked improvements.  The new GL2 features a split-grip handle engineered specifically for high performance bass fishing.  The flat sided butt end gives you ultimate comfort when laying the rod end under your arm.  Here is the unique combination of power, sensitivity, finesse and action that put success on your side.  The new GL2 series gives you light, strong and reliable and so much more for a price that will make you  smile!

This Rod qualifies for the "wild card" warranty.  Get the details right here.

model length line weight lure weight action power
GL2 812C SBR 6'9" 10-17 3/8-1/2 x-fast med

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butt end
butt end

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