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Berkley NanoFil Line

Berkley NanoFil Line Berkley

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New Green Nanofil is now available.    Berkley NanoFil fishing line is not a mono and it is not a braided line either.  But it really posses the best characteristics of both of these lines.  It contains hundreds of fibers that are gel-spun to create a nanofilament line, the first ever of its kind.  The fiber is called Dyneema and it is  the world's strongest fiber which gives this line the superior strength and small diameter of braid along with the feel and handling of a smooth monofilament.  The line is very smooth and you will notice superior casting ability compared to any line you have used before.

Here are the recommended knots to use with NanoFil line.  When attaching your line to tackle use the NanoFil knot or otherwise known as the double palymar.  For attaching leaders use the double albright knot.


nanofil knot diagramdouble albright know for nanofil line

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