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When PowerTeam Lures created Hog Tonic, they focused on two important factors...what bass want and what bass need. By loading the already proven scent with a heavy dose of specific amino acids, they developed an attractant that not only convinces bass to strike, but more importantly, keeps them holding on long afterwards. Why? Because to the bass it's food, food they are familiar with. Testers were thoroughly convinced when they were able to fish with baits soaked in the formula and gently reel bass back to the boat without ever setting the hook.

Get the bite and get the time you need to make a good hookset and reel 'em in!

Directions for use: Shake gently then spray a generous amount into your favorite bag of soft plastics prior to using. Re apply if necessary...or if you just like it extra stinky.

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5 Stars Power Team
by Warren Lane from Elkton,MD on Jan 22, 2012
  All Power Team Products are as good as it gets.
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