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Power Pro Superline Yellow

Power Pro Superline Yellow Power Pro

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Power Pro's Superline begins with ultra-strong braided Spectra® Fiber, then uses Enhanced Body Technology™ to create an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line. PowerPro outperforms monofilament lines in any situation and leaves other superlines in the dust. Check out these features: Rounder and more compact-Won't bury in the spool, Spools and packs better on any reel, Picks up less water, Has unbelievable strength-to-size ratio. Structurally Superior-Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide and rod tip wraps, Ties more easily and holds knots better, Near zero stretch, No reel memory. Smoother and Slicker- Sails effortlessly through guides, For longer casts, Won't cut guides, Resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards, Maintains performance over time.  Try PowerPro on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why it's every angler's dream - and every fish's nightmare!  This is Yellow, also available in Green. 

lb test equivalent mono diameter
8 1 lb
10 2 lb
15 4 lb
20 6 lb
30 8 lb
40 10 lb
50 12 lb
65 16 lb

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