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Stanley Double-Take Frog Hook

Stanley Double-Take Frog Hook Stanley

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The Ribbit Double-Take Hook is specially designed to fish with Stanley Lures' Ribbit soft bait and works wonders with other frog-imitation soft lures as well. Bass tend to strike violently at the “racing” frogs that run across the top of the water, and will often miss a single hook. The Ribbit Double-Take Hook with its longer shank and two points doubles your chances of hooking up.  With a hook in each leg of the frog, the bait is more balanced as it's being pulled through the water and less likely to roll over.  Available weightless or with Stanley's patented Wedgehead system. The 1/8 oz.  weighted Wedgehead offers several advantages which makes it easier for longer casts and holds the hook up at a 45-degree angle as it planes across the water, plowing through weeds and lily-pads and pushing grass out the way.

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1/8 oz. weighted 5/0
1/8 oz. weighted 5/0

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