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Duckett Micro Magic Cranking Rods

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Duckett Rods

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These Duckett Micro Magic Rods are designed specifically for crankin' and there is a model available to cover ever crankbait situation you may encounter.  Here is a micro guide rod that can withstand the day to day stress of freshwater tournament use, but still gives you the advantages of micro guides.  Experience better line control, longer casts and better accuracy, all in a super lightweight rod.    These rods are highly balanced to reduce fatigue and are they are highly sensitive.  Equipped with an access port in the butt end for personal balancing adjustments. 


model length action method
 DFMM69M-CC 6' 9"  M 0-6 ft. small crankbaits
DFMM70M-CC 7' 6-10 ft running crankbaits, square bills, traps
DFMM76MH-CC 7' 6" MH 10-16 ft running crankbaits 
DFMM711MH-CC 7' 11" 16 ft plus crankbaits

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