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Duckett Rods

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Boyd Duckett brings us the new Micro Magic Rods where balance and sensitivity go hand in hand.  The concept of micro guides is not new, but Duckett Rods are designed to bring you a micro guide rod that can stand up to the rigors of freshwater tournament use.  The result is a rod that embraces the advantages of micro guides such as ultimate line control, lighter overall weight, increased casting distance and better accuracy, but still can withstand the everyday pressures faced on freshwater and inshore tournament trails.  These highly balanced rods reduce arm fatigue and are highly sensitive.  The butt grip also has an access port to add weight for personal balancing adjustments. 


model length action method
 DFMM66MH-C 6' 6"  M 1/2 oz spinnerbaits, square bill crankbaits in timber 
DFMM69MH-C 6' 9" MH  worm,1/4-3/8 oz jig, 1/2-5/8 oz spinnerbait, buzzbaits 
DFMM70M-C 7'  M  
DFMM70MH-C 7'  MH  1/2 oz jig, small swin baits,open water spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, heavier worm
DFMM70H-C 7' H frog, toad, pitching, good with braided line 
DFMM73MH-C 7' 3" MH  1/2-3/4 oz open water jig,carolina rig,1/2 oz spinnerbaits, mid-size swimbaits
DFMM76H-C 7' 6"  H football head jigs, 1 oz spinnerbaits, carolina rig 

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duckett rod blank
duckett rod blank
duckett rod handle
duckett rod handle

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by a member from Davie, Fl. USA on Jan 17, 2012
  These rods have plenty of backbone yet are very sensitive. I'm using a 7 MH for fishing flukes and a 7'10" for flipping and pitching with braided line.
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