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G.Loomis NRX Green Casting Rods

G.Loomis NRX Green Casting Rods G.Loomis

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The G.Loomis NRX Green Bass Casting Rods come to us as an addition to the existing NRX line-up.  Built with the exact same blank and cork so you'll get the unprecedented perfomance of NRX, but with an all new color and traditional look.  Besides the new green finish, you'll notice the rod Specs now appear in the split area of the blank and the logos are positioned in front of the winding check.  G.Loomis has been able to build one of the best rods on the planet and the NRX Green is no exception.  Laminates, resin, mandrels and the very best components make a lighter and stronger rod then has ever been known before.  Pick one up and you'll see why folks say these are the best bass rods ever built.... period! 


model length pcs line wt (lbs) lure wt (oz) pwr action
NRX 802C JWR G 6'8"  1 10-14  1/8-3/8  med   x-fast
NRX 803C JWR G  6'8"  12-16  3/16-5/8  med/hvy  x-fast 
NRX 804C JWR G  6'8"  14-20  5/16-3/4  hvy  fast 
NRX 843C MBR G  7' 12-16  3/16-5/8  med/hvy  fast 
NRX 852C JWR G  7'1"  10-14  1/8-3/8  med  x-fast 
NRX 853C JWR G  7'1" 12-16  3/16-5/8  med/hvy  x-fast 
NRX 854C JWR G  7'1"  14-20  5/16-3/4  hvy  fast 
NRX 873C JWR G  7'3"  12-17  1/4-3/4  med/hvy  fast 
NRX 893C JWR G 7'5" 1 12-16 3/16-5/8 med/hvy x-fast
NRX 894C JWR G 7'5" 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 hvy x-fast
NRX 895C JWR G 7'5" 1 17-25 1/4-1 x-hvy x-fast
NRX 916C UBR G 7'7" 1 braid 50-80 3-8 x-hvy fast

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