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Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reel

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Price: $199.99

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The Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reel sports an exoskeletal design, which is a hybrid metal and composite construction.  The secret is the "metal where is matters" school of thought that gives you the strength that you need, but keeps the weight of the reel as low as possible.  The fact that this reel is 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than a graphite composite frame is impressive indeed!  Check out these additional features:

  • Continuous Anti-Reverse
  • Lightweight, machined aluminum crank handle
  • Extra-hard PT gears
  • LMS line management system
  • Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings
  • Stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system


model ratio i.p.t capacity (yds/lbs) max drag (lbs) bearings weight (oz)
EX25PTI  5.2:1  28"  150/8  16  10+1  6.9 
EX30PTI  5.2:1  31"  150/10  16  10+1  7.1 

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