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Rage Spinning Rods

Rage Spinning Rods St. Croix

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 Rage Rod

The St. Croix Rage Rod series is no exception to the performance and quality you've come to expect from St. Croix.  This new series of St. Croix Rods is just above the ever popular Mojo series rods.  Rage Rods are built with premium high-modulus SCIII graphite and IPC technology.  Every St. Croix Rage Rod is wrapped with Pac Bay Minima micro guides giving you a 20-30 percent weight reduction compared to ceramic guides.  The Pac Bay Minima reel seat provides maximum blank exposure and also reduces the weight by 10-20% over conventional reel seats.  Take your Rage Rod and cast it all day long because the neoprene skin handle provides maximum comfort and its core is light yet strong.  Those who fish St. Croix Rods love them because you get a rod that is incredibly lightweight and sensitive with superb balance and extreme strength and the new Rage Rods are no exception.


model lgth pwr action pcs line wt. lure wt. rod wt (oz)
 RS68MXF  6'8" x-fast  6-12  3/16-5/8  4.0 
 RS610MLXF 6'10"  ML  x-fast  6-10  1/8-1/2  4.0 
RS610MXF  6'10"  x-fast  6-12  1/8-5/16  4.4 
RS71MF  7'1"  fast  6-12  3/16-5/8  4.2 
RS71MHF  7'1"  MH  fast  8-14  3/8-3/4  4.6 

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