Susquehanna Fishing Tackle

December 5, 2012

The latest update of web products is as follows:


  • Small Fry Crankbaits - Life-like replicas and the ever effective actions and quality that has made Bagley's premier lures for many years.
  • Kill'r B Crankbaits - Experience the Bagley difference with these balsa wood Kill'r B crankbaits.

Lucky Craft

  • Blade Cross - a unique design that provides the flash and vibration of a spinnerbait along with the sight appeal of a hard bait.
  • Flash Pointer 115 - Lucky Craft takes the jerkbait to the next level by combining the characteristics of the pointer and the flash minnow.
  • Gunfish 115 - added to the 95 sized line-up the Gunfish 115 has a uniquely shaped cupped mouth that makes it splash and pop like no other.
  • New Colors
    • LC 1.5 RT - disco, flare, moss back chartreuse, moss back shad, shad shift
    • Pointer 100 - ms pearl wakasagi, msgh chartreuse shad, orange sexy shad
    • Staysee 90 - ms ghost chartreuse shad
    • Sammy 100 - ms ghost chartreuse shad


  • GLX Jig and Worm Casting - You can say light, sensitive and powerful all day, but once you get one of these in your hands, you'll realize true performance in a rod.
  • GLX Jig and Worm Spinning Rods - Take your fishing to the next level with lightness, sensitivity and power. Enjoy a special new proptrietary reel seat, split grip handle and Fuji Titanium SIC guides.


  • Endurance Spinning Rods - beside the Maxumfiber blank technology, cutting Edge tapers, non corrosive trim rings and an overall distinctive design are just a few other things you can enjoy with these rods.
  • Endurance Frog Casting Rod - A beautifully finished rod in a purple water spot pattern with matching thread wraps and black and silver trim.

November 23, 2012

Getting caught up some items added to the site recently


  • EXO 200 PT - Using the EXO Skeletal design you get light without any sacrafice of strength. That the "metal where it matters" way!
  • Kinetic 05 PTi Spinning Reel - All the Quantum quality is here, just without the budget breaker attached. Six smooth PT bearings and LMS line management system just for starters.


Rod Bands - Need an easy way to identify what lb. test line is on your rods? These rod bands require only a glance and you'll know instantly which rod you are looking for.

Lucky Craft

Bevy Rig - You may be wondering why you have to hear of another Alabama Rig now on the market, but the Lucky Craft Bevy Rig is definitely worth a look. Strong and compact come to mind the first time you see it. Available in two sizes and three colors

October 31, 2012


Here is a list of some of the newest Daiwa Products just added:


FX2 Braided Line - Created for froggin' and flippin' this is one braid that can handle these power techniques with ease.

Strike King

KVD Slash Bait - This jerkbait has got the roll, the wiggle and the flash, along with an array of colors for any fishing situation.

October 18, 2012,

Abu Garcia

The last of the Revo Generation 3 reels, the Revo Winch, is now available for on-line purchases

St. Croix

The New Legend Xtreme Rods!   A fishing rod just doesn't get any better than this. From the moment you take one in your hand, you'll feel the lightness and superb balance. See Legend Xtreme Casting and Legend Xtreme Spinning

October 17, 2012

Abu Garcia

We continue to add new Generation 3 Revo models to the site. The latest available are: Revo STX Generation 3 and the Revo SX Generation 3.

Villain Rods - You keep hearing it over and over from all the major rod manufacturers these days, "lighter, stronger , more sensitive" Soon it just starts sounding like blah-blah-blah. But we have got to tell you that these new Villain rods are really worth a look. Even the guides are wrapped in carbon to give you even less weight and better balance. Available in Casting and Spinning.

October 11, 2012

Abu Garcia

Revo SX Generation 3 - As we are adding new Revo reels you'll now find the Revo SX 3 on-line and ready to order. Revos have always been some of the best reels you'll find for the price and the new SX is no exception. These are high quality reels with exceptional value.

October 10, 2012

Abu Garcia

Revo STX Generation 3 - The Revo's just keep getting better and now you can have this 3rd generation STX, lighter, more compact, stronger and now with a super high speed model!

October 9, 2012

Mister Twister

The Fat Curly Grub gets added to the Mister Twister baits now on the site.

Abu Garcia

New Revo Reels are rollin' in the door and we are getting them up on the site as soon as they arrive. So far we have:

  • Revo Premier Spinning Reel - This reel gives you the lightweight properties of graphite without losing the strength of an all metal reel.
  • Revo 3 Premier Baitcasting - A reel that crosses the 6 oz barrier thanks to C6 Carbon sideplates and an upgraded fiber handle.
  • Revo 3 S Baitcasting Reel - Its time to enjoy efficient cranking power and reliable performance at a price you will certainly enjoy


Two new line-ups of GLX rods are here! G.Loomis has built it reputation for over 20 years and the GLX line-up of rods has been a big part of that. Get the latest designs and tapers with the ever lasting GLX quality and performance. Choose from the Crankbait rods or the Flipping rods.

September 27, 2012

Mr. Twister

We welcome some new Mr. Twister products to the website, both from the Poc'it series of baits. The Poc'it baits have pocket is the plastic which trap air and the release it as you fish the bait. This results in more action, vibration and a more realistic presentation. Check out the Poc'it Craw and the Poc'it Phenom.

September 26, 2012


Head Case - Alleviate the frustration of having your favorite plastic baits constantly sliding down your hook, especially when using a straight shank hook in heavy cover.


Saros FA - Here is a Spinning Reel with a super strong high tech frame along with a rotor and sideplate that will give you an exceptional solid feel. Built with X-ship technology for smooth, solid cranking power.

Baraja Worm Binders - Hard side construction and heavy duty pages, additional inside pockets make these premium binders for holding your soft plastics.

Strike King

KVD Fat Baby Finesse Worm - A finesse worm with shorter length and larger diameter than a typical finesse worm, but without sacrificing the action.

New Rage Craw colors - california craw,  blue sapphire, candy craw, falcon lake craw, double header

August 26, 2012


Little John Baby DD - A scaled down version of the original Little John DD with same action, cast-ability and ease of retrieve.

August 25, 2012

Strike King

We are continuing to add new Strike King products to the site as well as new colors to existing products. Here is the latest:

  • HC5XD Silent Crankbait - Get down faster and deeper and they won't even know your coming with the 5XD Silent Series crankbait.
  • KVD Square Bill - Enjoy the following new colors in the 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 series: chartreuse perch, neon blue gill, summer sexy shad and db craw. Also in the 1.5 series add cataouatche special to the list.
  • Ocho 5 - The following new colors are now available: green pumpkin purple, green pumpkin sapphire, and honey candy
  • Rage Chunk - New colors now available: falcon lake craw, blue bug, hard candy, blue craw
  • Rage Craw - More new colors! - dirty craw, green pumpkin purple gold, green pumpkin sapphire
  • Smokin' Rooster - The new colors just keep on coming! - just added blue craw, hard candy and green pumpkin sapphire.

August 24, 2012

Strike King

  • Sexy Dawg and Sexy Dawg Jr. - Whether auing the Dawg or Dawg Jr. you've got a walk-the-dog style bait that casts far, walks effortlessly and causes explosive strikes.
  • Silent Red Eye Shad - Everything you've loved about the original Red Eye Shad is now available to you in a silent series, for subtly tweaked presentation when you need to sneak up on them.

August 20, 2012


  • Bling Spinnerbait - A spinnerbait built with a light wire frame and ultra-thin blades for maximum vibration
  • Biggie Crankbait - A square bill addition to the River2Sea line-up available in 2 sizes.

Strike King

  • KVD Dream Shot - A perfect all-around drop-shot bait, this guy sports a 4 inch long slender profile with a triangle hinged tail section.
  • Tour Grade Drop Shot Weights - Hard and dense means you can feel the bottom and also gives you a smaller profile creating less drag.
  • Shadalicious - A soft and versatile swimbait that can be rigged on an open or internal jig head, a weighted swimbait hook or use it on your favorite umbrella rig.
  • Rage Menace Grub - A grub shaped body with a twin Rage tail is certain to grab some attention.

August 8, 2012

Paycheck Baits

Just added the all new Nose Job. Give virtually any bait in your tackle box a chatterbait type upgrade, but with a unique vibration and presentation.

July 25, 2012

Strike King

Tungsten Weights - Now 3/16 oz. and 3/8 oz. are available on the web site. These weights are insert free and won't fray your line, have a durable finish and the shape helps penetrate and fall.

July 23, 2012

Time to get caught up on a few new items added to the web site recently


Wacky Jig Head - Finesse without the mess! This jig head sports a titanium weed guard that will not lose its shape. The guard and the recessed line tie ensure you can come through the water weed free!

Duckett Fishing

The highly anticipated White Ice Rods are here! Whether you fancy casting, spinning, crankbait or all three, you getting a rod designed by one one Duckett's team Pros to have the characteristic you need for any particular application

Pete's Quiet Killer

Pete's Quiet Killer crankbait has a tight wobble and no sound giving you the subtle presentation needed when fishing highly pressured areas or on those tricky days.

Flip In The Bird

Think Flip In The Bird is a crazy name? If so, then it is even a crazier idea. Bass actually feed on birds that get trapped on the water. Don't try a frog when you need to Flip'em the Bird!

July 2, 2012

Strike King

Added to the KVD Square Bill crankbait line is the citrus color which is now available in the 1.5 and 2.5 sizes.

May 30, 2012


New tools have been added from the Calcutta Ultra Grip line along with braid scissors


The Fisherman's Pliers from Rapala have built in functions designed specifically for the Fisherman.


Bronzeye Baby Popper Frog 50 - This smaller profile frog joins the ranks of its big brother so you now have something for those highly pressured fish.

May 29, 2012


The Rapala Clackin' Crank 64 has been added to the Rapala line-up. Featuring a unique rattle chamber that holds a single steel ball bearing which strikes an external mounted disc. This design really transmits sounds well and gives you something the fish have not heard before

May 23, 2012


12" Powerbait Worm - This large worm is one of Berkley's best designs. A great kicker fish bait.

May 22, 2012

Power team Lures

Some new colors added to thew Power team line-up and one new product. These really are Serious Baits for Serious Fishermen

  • Craw D'Oeuvre - two new colors - delta destroyer and green pumpkin copper flake
  • Diesel Craw - new color delta destroyer added
  • 3.5" Texas Rig Jig - two new colors - delta destroyer and green pumpkin copper flake
  • Sick Sticks - This all new stick bait is now available on-line. A unique shape in that the internal shape is square with round external rings.

May 9, 2012

Strike King

KVD Perfect Plastic Chunks - We now have the Jr. size Perfect Plastic chunks available on the site. These 2-3/4" trailers have the same seductive shuddering action as the Sr. Chunks, but is a smaller profile.

May 8, 2012


  • Original Floating Lure F05-F07-F09 and F11-F13 - These lures started the Rapala revolution and are still going strong today. There are so many ways to fish them, but one thing that never changes is the trademark "wounded minnow" Rapala action that makes fish strike!
  • Clackin' Minnow - This bait is all about the Clackin' Cadence Rattle system consisting of a single steel ball bearing clacking against Rapala's trademark external discs.

May 4, 2012


Baby Waker Elite Series - Whether you want to crank it hard and fast or nice and slow, this bait will run shallow and stay shallow!

May 2, 2012

Reaction Innovations

The Sweet Beaver - Here is a bait that is withstanding the test of time. It is as popular now as it was when introduced a few years ago. And now you can enjoy three new colors just added to our line-up: low blow, green pumpkin magic and houdini.

May 1, 2012


Mean Green - An advanced Co-polymer line. Enjoy superior abrasion resistance and little water absorption for longer life and durability.War Eagle

War Eagle

Front Runner - A unique concept. Add this to your topwater, crankbait or jigging spoon presentation for something you, or the fish, have never seen before.


Two new colors added to the line of Brush Hogs - green pumpkin magic and scuppernog green.

April 30, 2012

Reaction Innovations

Some new colors are now available in the Skinny Dipper and Little Dipper Series Baits

April 25, 2012

Big Bite Baits

The Fin Twist Jig Head employs a thin wire screw shape bait holder that is mounted at the head of the jig. Your plastics go on straight and they stay in place so you won't waste time constantly fixing your baits.

April 24, 2012

Z Man

The entire Z Man section of chatterbaits has been updated with correct color and size combinations as well as 5 new colors that have been added: california craw, candy craw, chartreuse sexy shad, sexy shad and texas red.

Big Bite Baits

The 2 and 3 inch Shad - A beefy body with a flexible paddle tail make this little gem good for all type of techniques and situations.

Disc Worm - Time to get back to basics with this 4 inch ring worm that supplies action and vibration.

April 11, 2012


Has your head been wanting a new ride? Check out the new model G.Loomis Hats that have been added to the site

Big Bite Baits

Take one look at the Warmouth from Big Bite Baits and you'll see how this bait is something special. You've got a couple options with this one, but try the Texas Rig with an extra wide gap hook. Fish it sideways, and you'll see it gives a natural gliding action doesn't spin on the fall. A great presentation for the Springtime spawn.

April 6, 2012


Tranx Conventional Reel - The power to pull, along with the speed to burn. This revolutionary designed reel combines the comfort of a low profile with the capacity of a conventional reel.

April 3, 2010


Zoom just flat out makes plastic baits that catch fish. Here are a couple more available to you in the on-line store:

  • Mag Trick Worm - If you are around big bass, this worm will attract the big bite.
  • Swimming Super Fluke Jr. - Just like the original Swimming Super Fluke, but with a more subtle presentation
  • Mag Ol' Monster Worm - Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner - measuring in at 12" with a circumference of 1 and 3/8", the Mag Ol' Monster Worm! In the other corner.... no one!


X-80 Trick Darter - Now back in stock with 5 new fish catching colors!

March 29, 2012


Some new colors added to the Vision 110 line of Jerkbaits: Champagne Kinku, GG Deadly Black Shad, GP Crystal Shad, GP Pro Perch, HT AYU OB, Kohoku Reaction, PM Twilight Chartreuse Back.

Vision 110 +1 - When the fish won't come up for the 110, get down an extra feet with the 110 +.  Made like the 110, but the bill is designed to get down farther and easily move through the water so the action remins true.

March 27, 2012


Whether you prefer a bell shaped or cylinder shaped drop shot weight, you can take your pick and fish with confidence knowing that your getting a super hard, super dense, 97% pure tungsten weight for superior feel and sensitivity.


You love Gamakatsu hooks as much as we do? Now available is a drop shot hook with a weed guard. Get in where the sleeping giants are without constantly getting snagged.


There are a lot of downsized baits coming out recently, but here is one that is small but maintains a big presentation, the Zoom Tiny Brush Hog.

March 15, 2012

Law Lures

The Death Shimmer is the most unique spinnerbait design to come along in a long time. The arms of this spinnerbait provides a vibrations that draws fish in when they can't even see the lure. This is a must see


Two new Drop Shot weights that are sure to help you with your drop shot fishing. The Casting Drop Shot Bell Shaped weight, and the Casting Drop Shot Cylinder weight. Both made of 97% Tungsten. A swvel line tie and superior finish.

March 14, 2012


We are happy to welcome the all new Hammer Shad into the PowerTeam Department. This is a great drop-shot bait that has a unique quiver making fish wanted to hammer it!

March 13, 2012

Koppers LiveTarget

  • Bring a new look to your topwater fishing with the Koppers LiveTarget Field Mouse. Perfect for hop through the slop but also works great when you walk it in open water.
  • Some new colors added to the line-up of LiveTarget Frogs - black yellow, brown fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green yellow and yellow black.
  • LiveTarget Largemouth Bass 70 - Known for realistic details this largemouth crankbait is no exception.

Ardent Reels

We are happy to offer the new Ardent Edge Pro reels to our customers. Reels need to go beyond shear weight and durability. The Edge Pro reels offer all day comfort as well with a easy fit and easy castibility. Add in the unique DTT (Drag Tracking Technology) and you'll see why we think Ardent has a winner.


The Big Daddy 70 crankbait is here! A crankbait that gets down to depths of 9-12 feet, but is silent and has a subtle wobble so you can sneak up on those pressured fish.

March 1, 2012


Some additions and updates await those who love the Rapala line of baits. Proven winners at affordable prices, Rapala baits catch fish all over the Country.

  • Rapala Shad Rap RS - Three new colors join the RS05 and RS07 sizes: dark brown crawdad, helsinki shad and yellow perch.
  • The Rapala Shad Rap has been added to the website and is available in 3 sizes.  The SR05, SR07 and SR09.
  • Sometimes the bite calles for a heavy duty, high impact wood bait designed to handle anything from large bass to tuna and kings!  That's when it is time to break out the Super Shad Rap, now available on-line.

February 27, 2012

Nauti Goose 2012 Tournament Trail

Want to fish some Great Run Tournaments with excellent Payouts, lots of extras and a good time? Check out the Nauti Goose 2012 Tournament Trail on the Upper Chesapeake!

February 24, 2012

Missile Baits

Help us welcome the latest addition to the newly introduced line of Missile Baits, the Drop Craw. Here is the first craw shaped drop shot bait ever! The slightest twitched of your rod will get the claws a flappin' and the fish's jaws a snappin'!

Lucky Craft

Here are two new crankbaits that are sure to get your attention. The LC 1.5 is a square lipped rugged beauty that can withstand the bumps and bangd on cover or rocky bottoms. The LC 1.5DDRT possesses wthe same qualitys with a deep diver bill.

February 19, 2012

Buckeye Lures

Added to the line-up of J-Will Swimbait Heads is a 1/4 oz. size with a 4/0 size hook. Great size for the Little Dipper and smallmouth fishing.


The Easy Shiner gives you the fantastic tail action of the Swing Impact on a smooth unsymmetrical shad shaped body that combines balance and action.

February 7, 2012

Eco Pro Tungsten

For those of you who love to flip the heaviest matted vegetation around, now you can use this new Eco Pro Monster Tungsten weight to easily get through. At 2 oz. you won't have to worry about not penetrating the heaviest mats of grass.


Here are a few new color additions to the Zoom line-up of soft plastics.

February 2, 2012


Revenge is known for the hight quality finishes and trademark head designs.
The new Swimbait Hedz and Swim Jigs are no exception. Grab your favorite soft plastic and attach it to the Swimbait Hedz or see the game changing Revenge Swim Jig in action.

January 31, 2012

Lucky Craft

We have added some new colors to the Pointer 100s, 78s and Sammy 100's. Enjoy!


The Neko Sinker allows you to quickly change the weight in your soft plastics as the conditions dictate

January 30, 2012

Some exciting crankbaits, that are each unique in their own way, are just added to the site:


The Aska 60 SR is a highly advanced silent running crankbait. A square circuit board lip and irresistible vibration along with impeccable finishes make this line-up a winner.


The D&S crankbait has a very innovative design that could be the most ingenious crankbait design on the market to date.

Luck E Strike

The Wart Hog is an 100% American made crankbait with a price you'll love. It runs straight, makes a commotion and catches fish... what more could you ask for?

January 26, 2012


Florida Rig and Rattlin' Florida Rig - This screw-in weight system not only joins your bait to your weight and keeps it there, the inner sleeve houses your line so it stays protected from abrasion and excessive wear. The Rattlin' version gives you that little extra edge when you need something more to get their attention.

January 25, 2012


Trilene XL Armour coated line is here!   A line that is flexible and abrasion resistant at the same time. Get the best of both worlds with Trilene XL Armour Coated line.


KVD Spinnerbait Rods. New for 2012, these rods have tapers specifically designed for fishing spinnerbaits. One model is here so far: TKVDC726XFA

Missile Baits

Pro Angler John Crew's brings us his newest line of soft plastic baits, with unique Pro Designs.

  • D Bomb - A bulky flipping bait that is thinner where the hook comes out so you'll get a quality hookset.
  • Twin Turbo - Not your normal twin-tailed trailer type bait. This one has versatility written all over it.
  • Tomahawk 8.75 - The big ribbon tail worm has been made twice as good by adding in a second ribbon tail for all the fish catching action you'll ever need.
  • Missile Craw - A 4 inch crawfish typw flipping bait that has a hollowed out slot for you hook and superior hook sets. Big enough to get the big one's attention but slim enough to skip under docks with ease.

January 13, 2012


The Sustain FG Spinning Reel has just arrived. Utilizes Shimano's new xship technology and uses the Magnumlite CI4 Rotor. Pack with additoinal features.


The EXO PTi Spinning Reel - sports an exoskeletal design, which is a hybrid metal and composite construction. This makes the reel as light as possible without sacrificing strength.


A select line of Damiki Products has just been added to the site. Check out the 3 and 4 inch Air Craw, DC-100 Crankbaits, 3 and 4 inch Hydra and the Hydra Evolution. These are some unique baits with unique designs.

January 11, 2012

Rod Glove

The latest Rod Glove product to be added is the Bait Glove. Wrap your lures tight to the rod keeping the hooks protected so you won't get a bunch of tangles.

Eco Pro

  • Drop Shot Weights - Secure these round tungsten drop shot weights tying required!
  • Pro Drop Shot Weights - Cylindrical Tungsten shape with fast hook-up clips
  • Diamond Pegs - Lock your plastic baits in place, save wear and tear
  • Beads - Made from a synthetic material that won't shatter like plastic or glass
  • Pegs - Secure your tungsten weights in place when Texas Rigging or using any other application where you do not want your weight to slip up and down your line.
  • Wacky Weights - Eco re-invents the wacky rig with a system that keeps your hook at a 90 degree angle and keeps your baits from getting ripped up.

Duckett Micro Magic Rods

These rods have all the advantages of micro guide rods, but are built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day tournament fishing.

January 9, 2012


More Picasso to add to the list of new innovative products from this company that is back on the map. First, the Fantasy Football Head with a textured and painted head, complete with a fiber weedguard. Second, for the ultimate shakey head jig head check out the Shake-E-Football Head which combines the Fantasy Football Head with a flexible nickel titanium spring bait keeper to give you a very versatile rig.

January 4, 2012


  • Tungsten Worm Weights - Made from the same molds as the Tru-Tungsten weights. 97% pure, high quality weights.
  • Tungsten Flipping Weights - Same molds as Tru-Tungsten, fray free manufacturing process and 97% pure Tungsten.
  • Shad Walker - Looks like a shad, but fishes like a frog. This unique bait looks like an injured baitfish on top of grass and slop or in open water.
  • Shakedown Jighead - A Shakey Head with a flexible, nickel/titanium spring, to hold your bait along with a cross-eye Gamakatsu hook.

G Loomis

  • NRX Green Casting - Same great NRX performance with a new green design
  • NRX Green Spinning - As with the new Green NRX Casting rods, these new spinning rods contain the same blank, cork and performance as the original NRX rods, but now with a green finish and some noticeable changes in the location of the specs and logos.

December 28, 2011

Rod Glove

A variety of Rod Glove products have been added to the site. Various size rod sleeves for Casting, micro guide casting and spinning rods as well as two size casting reel covers. See all Rod Glove products here.

December 27, 2011


  • Salty Super Tube - Available in 3.75" and 4.25"
  • Z-Hawg - All new creature bait with compact body with a rabbit ear tail similar to a Super Chunk Jr.
  • Hats and Visor - Popular Zoom logo apparel

Rod Glove

The first of Rod Glove products, more of which to be added. Here are the protective rod sleeves for your casting rods.

December 23, 2011


Look on-line for the Brass Pro Rat'lin weights made by Gambler. These brass weights have an internal rattle that creates a loud clicking noise on each movement.

December 21, 2011


Endurance 725CF, a 7'2" Frog Rod built with proprietary Maxumfiber blank technology is now available on the site.

Reaction Strike

Just added, the Revolution Frog has a smaller profile that more closely mimics the size frogs that bass feed on


Flatt Shad Snagless - Keep all the benefits of the original Flatt Shad, but lose one hook on the previous treble so you won't get snagged up.

December 18, 2011


A new model has been added to the Smoke Casting Rod line-up. We now have the SKC767F, which is a 7' 6" Heavy rod.

Lucky Craft

A new color added to the Pointer 100 section, Brownie. Very nice color, we have had good success with it on the Susquehanna River


We have offered Rebel lures for years in the store, and now we are adding them to the site. Just added is the line-up of Pop-R topwater.

December 16, 2011


Picasso adds its School-E-Rig to the latest Alabama Rig craze. Picasso's School-E-Rig is handcrafted in the USA using premium American made components. The fish head is contructed with impact resistant plastic, making this rig completely lead free!

December 9, 2011

Sworming Hornet Lures

If you have been keeping up with the latest Alabama Rig craze, then you'll be pleased to know we are now carrying the The Swarm. This is a a castable Umbrella or Alabama Rig that mimics a swarm of schooling baitfish. A presentation that get fish excited and biting like never before. Get ready for multiple fish on a single cast!

December 7, 2011

Power Tackle

Power Tackle releases their version of the Alabama Rig called the Go Get'em Rig. This is the craze right now. This umbrella rig will hold up to 5 swimbaits or whatever (check your State's laws for max. number of hooks allowed. You want the Alabama Rig... here it is!

Daiwa Saltist Reels

Choose from the Daiwa Saltist High Speed Levelwind reel or the Saltist Spining Reel. Either way your getting a reel that focuses on reliability and durability, not a bunch of fancy features.

December 1, 2011

Here are some items that just started rolling the doors recently:


  • Curado G - So far two Curado G6 models are here; the G5 and G6 in right hand

Daiwa Reels

A lot of new Daiwa items are arriving. Here is what we have so far:

November 30, 2011

Shimano Rods

Berkley Line

Luck E Strike

  • RC Stick - Part of the Rick Clunn Series of Baits this jerkbait suspends perfectly and has a great erratic action.

November 28, 2011

VMC SpinShot Hooks - A new revolutionary hook for drop-shotters eliminates line twist and provides better hook-ups.

Berkly Vanish Transition - If you like to see your line, but worry that the fish can see it too, then this line is for you. Its 100% flourocarbon, but it physically changes color above the water so you can see it.

Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel - Add this to the line-up of Smoke rods and baitcasting reels, the Smoke PT Spinning Reel utilizes a C4LF carbon fiber rotor and CSC drag system that creates one of the lightest and best performing spinning reels ever.

Rapala X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop - Two new additions to the topwater baits, these Rapala lures bring the x-rap attitude with big pops, splashes churning and chugs.

Lucky Craft LV RTO-150 - No ordinary lipless crankbait, the LV RTO-150 has a unique shimmy fall. Cast it and let it fall or start your retrieve and then let it die to get reaction strikes from passive fish.

November 16, 2011


Tour Kevin VanDam Crankin' Rods - The new 2012 models are here. Designed by the crankmaster himself, Kevin VanDam, these rods have tapers perfect for hooking fish on crankbaits and keeping them hooked.


Flit 100 - Add to the current line-up of IMA flit 120 baits is the IMA Flit 100. Erratic action and a profile/color combination that matches the hatch.


Feather Treble - There is only one thing better than a Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble hook, and that is one dressed with a soft, fluffy white feather


Stinger 36 Treble Hooks - Use as replacement hooks for smaller profile lures or as a "stinger" when bait fishing.


Deep Flat A Crankbait - As the water gets cold you want a crankbait wit a tighter wobble, and more subtle presentation. Now available on the site is your wanswer, the Bomber Deep Flat A Crankbait


8 inch Lizard - The Zoom Lizard is a long time staple of plastic baits. Now available on the site is the 8 inch version for times when the big ones are looking for a super-sized meal.

November 12, 2011

We have a lot of catching up to do on the web pulse.  Here are new additons to the web site in the past couple weeks:

October 26, 2011


The Owner J Hooks are great  for Carolina Rigging or Texas rigging of large plastics.  An extra wide bend allows you to rig bulky plastics and not compromise a good hook set


The Rapala Mini Digital Scale is available in a 25lb. or 50lb. version. This scale measures with precision accuracy and comes in a compact size for easy storage.

October 25, 2011

Penn Reels

The Penn Defiance Conventional Reel - A graphite frame and sideplate provides the lightweight feel, and the frame enhanced stainless steel rings provide the strength. Penn packs the features in a reel that ranges from 80 to 90 dollars.


The Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Rods are here complete with Fuji Micro Guides which drastically reduce the weight on these newly released rods. Just be careful they don't float away!