Susquehanna Fishing Tackle

In the following video Pete talks about his B.A.S.S win at Cayuga Lake. This win also earned him a spot in the upcoming 2013 Bassmaster Classic!

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Shimano X Ship

Mike takes us under the hood of a Stradic FJ spinning reel so you can actually see how the X Ship technology makes a huge difference in the performance of your reel.


War Eagle Spinnerbaits

A great smallmouth spinnerbait, see why Pete likes them and how he chooses the right color.


The Z-Man Chatterbait

The Chatterbait took the industry by storm when it was released a few years ago, but Pete still feels this is still one of the most under-utilized lures out there.


The Death Shimmer Spinnerbait

The Death Shimmer has a very unique design and vibration like no other spinnerbait you have ever seen. Pete explains why he loves this spinnerbait, especially in tidal waters.


The Megabass Vision 110

Pro Staffer Pete Gluszek explains why the Megabass Vision 110 jerkbait is his favorite when fishing for smallmouth bass or cold water largemouth.


Choosing a Crankbait

So many models, sizes and colors. Where do you start when choosing the right one? SFT Pro Staffer Pete Gluszek breaks down the process so you can make a good choice and get to fishing!


The Alabama Rig

George shows us how we rig the Alabama Rig in Pennsylvania. Even in cold water the fish were hitting it.


Bass Tackle for Stripers

SFT Pro Staffer Jerry Sersen fishes for Stripers and Bass, and sometimes that can mean using the same tackle.


Missile Baits

John Crews, of Missile Baits explains his new line of Pro Designed soft plastic baits.


The G.Loomis NRX Rods

George Acord of Susquehanna Fishing Tackle and Patrick Latham from G.Loomis describe the G.Loomis NRX Rods and what makes them so special.


Pattern the Birds

You just can't ignore 12 Great Blue Herring sitting along the shoreline and neither did Pete. Pete talks about the different types of birds he loves to pattern and some he doesn't.


The Post-Spawn Fry Soup

Pete talks about the movement of the post spawn fry and baitfish that feed on these fry. Find the fry, find the baitfish, find the bass


Pre-Spawn Fishing with Pete Gluszek

I had the opportunity to go fishing with Pete during the early spring this year and it was a blast! Not only did I watch Pete catch numerous 5+ and 6+ lb fish, but I landed my personal best that day!

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 Pete Gluszek - Cold Water Fishing - From Ice out to Spawn
Pete starts this series of talks on cold water fishing by describing the overall mindset to have when the ice first melts and your going out for the first few times. Your overall mindset when fishing cold water from ice out until the spawn
One of Pete's favorite outstanding cold water tools. Cold water is when the Silver Buddy really shines. Silver Buddy, a great cold water fishing technique
Pete's number two favorite cold water bait...the suspending jerkbait. Pete Gluszek fishing Jerkbaits in Cold Water

Fishing for Smallies with Swimbaits
(and jerkbaits)
Thanksgiving Day morning 2009.
A good friend of mine and I started the tradition of fishing on Thanksgiving Day each year. Since then he has moved to Pittsburg, so George and I picked up on the tradition last year.  This year Matt joined us and we wanted to see how a swimbait would perform on those Holiday Smallmouth.  

Fall Fishing for River Smallmouth
with George Acord
November 7, 2009

There is nothing more fun then finding schools of fish in the fall. Once the bite slows, moving to a different bait can keep the action going. Watch George as he progresses from an aggressive crankbait to a more subtle jerkbait presentation, and finally brings it home by dragging a tube.

 part 1 - crankbaits
 part 2 - jerkbaits
 part 3 - tubes

 Fall Smallmouth Fishing on the Susquehanna River 9/16/09

Seminar - Mike Acord

  • part 1 - transistion from summer to fall
  • part 2 - baits from 70 down to 60 degrees
  • part 3 - ledges and flats, 60 to 70 degrees
  • part 4 - fishing a jerkbait - NEW!
  • part 5 - jerkbait colors and sizes - NEW!
  • more coming soon!
Fishing the Skinny Bear Jig with a Corndog Smallie Beaver Trailer
Susquehanna River - August 2009

Pete Gluszek Seminar 4/4/09

  • Water temperature part 1
  • Water temperature part 2
  • How the Sun affects the Bite
  • Fishing Vertical Cover

Knot Tying Videos

  • The Crazy Alberto Knot
  • More Coming Soon!

Rick Ash Video Seminar

  • Line
  • Post Spawn Baits
  • Seasonal Patterns
  • Spring Baits/pre-spawn
  • Understanding the Tide
  • Winter Baits
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