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The G.Loomis GL2 and Wild Card Warranty

The G.Loomis GL2 and Wild Card Warranty


In this video, George describes the new for 2012 GL2 series rods.  These rods are in-stock now.  He also explains the "wild card" warranty which was announced with the NRX series last year, and now has been extended to the GL2 series.

The G Loomis Wild Card Warranty

G Loomis elevated the bar by providing the wild card warranty on the NRX series of rods. These rods were publicized during the Icast 2010 Trade Show when they took Best of Show and the Freshwater Rod Winner titles. But there had been another thing that took the sector by surprise. G Loomis was now offering up a "wildcard" assurance with the rods. The Wildcard warranty is just a 1 time, no questions, replacing of the rod absolutely free, in the instance of a breakage. And even better, one can get the rod replaced over the counter at any certified G Loomis Dealer. All these rods, nevertheless carry a limited lifetime guarantee on materials and imperfections, so in case you develop a rod that breaks under ordinary fishing situations, and was not mistreated, don't use your wild card. Save the wild card for the event that is not protected within the warranty such as breaking it in the car or truck door.

How one can Sign up for the Wildcard Warranty

Use the links below to download the registration form for your model rod. Fill out this form and send it to the Shimano address listed, along with a copy of your receipt.

Download the GL2 Wild Card Registration Form
Download the NRX Wild Card Registration Form

Shimano American Corp.
Att: Wild Card Registration
One Holland Irvine, CA 92618

G Loomis should then send a Wild card that you will give your dealer should you damage the rod. The retail merchant will require your broken rod and wildcard and exchange it for your spanking new rod. You are only allowed to swap it with the specific model for which you destroyed, unless you and your dealer are able to mutually decide on an exchange of a differing rod.

G Loomis now offers the Wild Card for the GL2 series

The newly introduced G Loomis GL2 series is protected by way of the wild card too. This can be fantastic news and a good deal for these GL2 rods that are priced about $200. NRX rods cost between $450 to $500 so if you step on an NRX, you certainly have to make sure you have gone through the actions to get your wild card.


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