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Silver Buddy Lures Silver Buddy Lures

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    This is the original Silver Buddy and it's no secret that Silver Buddy Lures catch just about anything that swims.  With it's baitfish profile, Silver Buddy's fish-attracting flash and vibration entices reactions at any depth and in every season.  Attach your line to the snap that is included and fish in a variety of ways: 1. Cast and let bait hit the bottom.  Snap bait a foot off the bottom and let fall. repeat back to the boat.  2. Vertical Jig with short hops keeping a tight line back to the bottom.  3. Countdown to the desired depth and steadily retrieve back to the boat.

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5 Stars best lure ever
by Chris Gross from Maine on Jul 31, 2012
  no question, this lure caught me more fish than all my other lures combined! honestly, when i first saw this lure, i thought how will this plain looking piece of metal do what it claims? go use one and find out for youself. my alltime favorite lure!
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5 Stars silver buddy
by a member from Porterville Cal. USA on Nov 8, 2008
  This is an excellent lure for winter time fishing it is well derserving of a 5 star friend Larry Kerns of visalia Cal.holds most likly the record for the blackbass at over 19 lb.s caugth on a 1/2oz. silverbuddy and I myself have caugth numorus large bass on this lure as well as many spicies of fish like my cat fish caught last Dec.2007 I just want to say thank you to silverbuddy for returning to the market. you have been very missed as I think everyone here in central Cal.has loss most of the silverbuddies they used to own.